Client Testimonials are a great way to learn about the work we do. As a shiny new Rescue, led by seasoned and respected rescuers, we would love to share with you firsthand, what our clients have to say.

In these Testimonials, some of our clients had to surrender their cat to us, for what they thought were behavioral issues. We worked closely with the cat, and ensured that these issues were resolved prior to arriving in their new homes. Other clients wanted to share their success stories with us, after searching for and finally finding a Bengal cat of their own. Many other clients reached out to us to thank us for the knowledge we shared with them, that resolved whatever challenge they were facing with their Bengals.

Some of the tools we use with our clients include our guidelines on Litter Box Issues, Adopting Your First? and Medical Issues.

Collectively our founders have over 30 year of experience rescuing and matching Bengals with their forever homes. There is no problem we haven’t seen, and we are not afraid of a challenge. Don’t take it from us though – hear what our clients have to say in these Testimonials.

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The women who selflessly volunteer their time to run the Bengal Rescue together are so passionate about helping these special kitties find their furever home! They work day in and day out as volunteers, to carefully filter and qualify potential homes for kitties that are surrendered, and they have the most thorough vetting and adoption process that exists in the country — for Bengals specifically.

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Bri, Salt Lake City, UT
March 28, 2023

Hi everyone, before Christmas we want to share a huge update, it’s been a while.

We’ve been loving and appreciating every small little detail about Latte’s journey with us.

It’s been 16 months since we drove to Vegas to pick him up, and he is still blooming day by day.

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Argelia A., San Diego, CA
December 17, 2022

I recently found my new adopted Bengal cat “Loki” on PetFinder after putting in search preferences.  He came up as a strong match.  I was forwarded to Bengal Rescue as the adoption agency for Loki.  I filled out a thorough application form and received a near immediate positive response from the Bengal Rescue team. I went through the next step of a Zoom interview where I also gave a quick tour of my home.  Bengal Rescue quickly assessed that I’d be a great fit for Loki.

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Billy R., Cottonwood Heights, Utah
September 15, 2022

My husband and I had a beautiful 3 year old Bengal and she seemed a little bored and lonely half the time so we thought we’d get her a friend. This was not a great idea as she was hissing and growling at him even six months later.

We felt sorry for him so we thought we would get him a friend and they could play and she could join in if she wanted to. This really made her go crazy. She seemed to get more aggressive and mean and she would go to the back door and cry and reach for the door handle as if she wanted OUT.

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Melissa Leon, Monterey, CA
March 14, 2021

I am so thankful for this group! The resources provided have helped us to successfully become bengal owners! We researched a ton because I noticed that it was very hard to find bengals that could fit into our home. We have young kids, 2 dogs, and another cat. Every cat we wanted to adopt didn’t do well with at least 1 of the 3 things in our home. We were able to adopt a 3 year old bengal from California and we followed all of the guidelines for introducing her into our home with our family members (fur and human). If it wasn’t for this group I can promise we wouldn’t have been so successful! We now have a new wonderful family member who feels like she was always meant to be with us! I can’t thank this group enough and all of their efforts!

Sarah Davis, Herriman, UT
January 26, 2020

Bengal Rescue brought us our two fur babies in the fall of 2020. Sharon worked with us for several weeks to ensure that our two kiddos would be a good fit in our home. Bengal Rescue puts their cats well-being above all else. We’ve had Gigi and Leo home for almost three months now and Sharon is always available to answer any questions that may arise. If you are looking to rehome your Bengal or want to add one (or two!) to your family, look no further than Bengal Rescue. 😸

Zoe Elyse , Aurora, CO
January 26, 2021

What an amazing rescue. They took the time to diligently ensure a good match between our family and Olive, the new addition to our family. Sharon is amazing, caring and, importantly, up front about the adoptees history and potential needs. Sharon even drove across town to meet us and continues to follow up even post-adoption. Because of Sharon and her amazing foster, Olive is thriving!

Nikki Simmons, Tempe, AZ
January 23, 2021

I am so grateful for Bengal Rescue! If I had not found them, I am not sure what I would have done to help my cat’s life to improve. I had been so distraught these past few months because of my Bengal Atty. I had rescued her a few years back from a breeding cattery, she was 6 years old, I wanted to make her later years happy and safe.

After all these years, I made progress with her by getting her use to human touch and seeking me out for affection. This was a great accomplishment because she was so scared of humans, almost feral in her demeanor. I was so excited to have her warming up to me.

The problem was the other cats in the family.

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Sonya, Orem, UT

We’ve had 2 bengals in the past. Both rambunctious, curious, conversational, playful, loving and a bit devilish. After we lost them both within a year of each other, it was painful to think about getting another Bengal.

So we adopted an Abyssinian and a Siamese, 3 weeks apart in age. I discovered the Bengal Rescue on FB and wondered why so many had been given up to foster care and shelters. I came to realize that, as my friend used to say ”pretty only goes so far”. They are talkers. They need a lot of attention. They will tell you when they’re ready for dinner. They will run through the house non-stop. Personality plus! But they aren’t for everyone.

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Garry Loss, Dana Point, CA
October 4, 2020

I want to thank Bengal Rescue for choosing me to be Keiko’s new mom!! I was looking for an older Bengal needing a forever home and Keiko is the perfect match for me!! Bengal Rescue was very thorough in making sure I was going to be the best person for this beautiful kitty. Keiko’s foster was wonderful and took wonderful care of her. She was fed good food, taken to vet appointments and given lots of love and play time. Bengal Rescue kept in touch with me with texts, pictures and phone calls every step of the way including the drive home after picking her up. The best part is Bengal Rescue is still their for me and Keiko, helping make sure we adjust to each other the right way. I enjoy the relationship I have with Bengal Rescue and love giving them updates on Keiko’s ‘Happily Ever After’!!

Carol Beck Burridge, Aztec, NM
September 28, 2020

I adopted a bonded pair of Bengals through Sharon Cantwell. I had such a wonderful experience working with Sharon. She really cares about the well-being of her cats and it truly shows. She spent a lot of time w/ me ensuring all of my questions and concerns were answered and offered her expertise sharing advice and resources I can use to ensure my new pets stay happy and healthy. Thank you, Sharon!

Crista Artistry, Eldersberg, MD
August 3, 2020

Bengal Rescue is amazing! We lost our Bengal Gunner and were completly heartbroken. While looking for him we met Sharon. She provided support and advice and eventually introduced us to Bella. We took a leap of faith and decided to become her foster family. What we didn’t know at the time was Sharon has a unique gift of pairing the right cat to a family. We instantly fell in love with Bella. She is silly and sassy and is now the queen of our home. I’m so impressed with the hard work and dedication that goes into Bengal Rescue. These amazing cats and so special and often require a little more. Thank you Bengal Rescue for the sacrifices you make to ensure success for families and these beautiful cats. I will forever be grateful for your support, dedication, and love. Bella is so blessed to have Sharon as her very own fairy godmother.

Debi Kwiatkowski, Ogden, UT
August 2, 2020

I’ve adopted 2 Bengals over several years, through Sharon. She’s excellent and cares about placing them in a good home. She has also provided tons of support and valuable information after the adoption. She loves this breed and works very hard find them the best home possible. I recommend Bengal rescue. It’s the best.

Christine Riley, Tooele, UT
July 30, 2020

I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Sharon Cantwell. We had lost our beloved Bengal of 18 years a couple years ago, and were looking to adopt another cat in need. Sharon found the ideal candidate and connected us with the owners. Throughout the adoption process, from the initial search to transportation, as well as support and advice for introducing our new friend to our home, Sharon was top-notch. She provided evidence driven solutions and suggestions that worked.

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Jim and Fred, San Francisco, CA

I have only know Sharon Cantwell by email and phone for the last few weeks. However, I can sincerely vouch for her abilities regarding Bengal Rescue. She was extremely thorough screening me before I was able to adopt. She also provided ongoing information regarding the two Bengals that I was fortunate enough to adopt.

In addition, she has been a great resource for all things cat! She continues to consult with me, making the transition easier.
I am convinced of her dedication not only to Bengals, but to present and prospective owners. I cannot imagine anyone with more dedication and determination.

Michael Gann, Las Vegas
May 2020

Sharon, you were a life saver for me last year when I had issues with my 2 Bengals. They were my 2nd and 3rd Bengals I’ve owned, and they had severe anxiety/inappropriate peeing/territorial issues, etc.

I was at my wits end as I’d never witnessed this behaviour before in my previous Bengal. You helped educate me in areas I never knew existed with this breed, and gave me a direction and intelligent discussion topics to take to my vet.

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Mona Markham, Colorado
April 2019

We can’t say enough about how passionate Sharon Cantwell is in her dedication to help care for not only Bengal cats needing a home but for those of us who heartbreakingly have had to find a home for our Bengal cats.

It was a very emotional, sad, and difficult decision to have to decide whether to put our cats up for adoption. We could have never done it without the confidence and loving care that Sharon showed us and our cats.

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Elizabeth and Scott Montefusco, Sandy, UT
February 2019