Introducing Pets

Introducing Pets

Many of our Rescue Cats can co-exist peacefully in multi-pet homes, however introducing pets can be a tricky process. Before you even consider adding a Rescue Bengal to your multi-pet household, it is important to research the right way to do this.

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Before You Bring Your New Cat Home

Before bringing your new cat home, you should ensure that you have a room where your new family member can decompress and settle in to their new environment. We recommend a spare bedroom, where you can set up a litter box, a separate feeding area, a cat tower, and a few bedding choices (see our article Recommended Products for more information).

After Your Cat Arrives

Bring your cat, in his carrier, into his temporary quarters. Place the carrier on the floor and open the carrier. Let him come out, at his own pace.

Some cats will need several weeks to settle in. Others may be in more of a hurry to get to know you. Be sure to schedule regular time to get to know your new cat, and to let them get used to you. Spend time watching TV with them. Read a book with them. If your cat will let you, brushing him is a good way to soothe him and make him feel special. Schedule regular “play times.” Keep a regular schedule. If your new cat is ready to begin exploring your home, he’ll let you know.

Exploring Your Home

Once your new cat is ready to explore his new home, ensure that your other pets are secured. You don’t want to rush introductions. Read and re-read the articles above about proper pet introductions. Take your time! Your new cat will appreciate not being bombarded by strange and unfamiliar housemates.

It could take many months to introduce pets to each other. If for any reason there is an incident of aggression, it means that you’ve gone too fast. Return to the earlier steps, and restart introductions.

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