Rehome a Bengal

Sadly, the need to rehome a Bengal is a reality that we face, on a regular basis. It’s hard on the owner of a Bengal Cat to come to terms with this painful decision, but sometimes it is the best decision a cat owner can make.

And by the way, the cat in this photo? He was re-homed because he was originally adopted by a Senior who realized he was too much cat for her! He’s had 10 happy years in his loving forever home and to this day – his first owner still keeps up on all of his antics.

We’ve seen many reasons for rehoming, everything from:

  • Divorce
  • Losing a home
  • Not getting along with other pets
  • Allergies
  • New baby
  • New puppy
  • Improper litter box management – see Litter Box Issues
  • Job change that requires excessive travel
  • Cat is too active for the owner

Here at Bengal Rescue, we do not “judge” the owner for having to re-home a Bengal. We compassionately work with the owner to see if there is any way that the cat could stay. So often people don’t receive the right advice or guidance, and they don’t know there really is a solution!

But in the end, if we agree with the owner that their Bengal deserves a fresh new start, we’re right there to make it happen.

If you would like us to help you with rehoming your cat, please email us at – INCLUDE YOUR LOCATION PLEASE. We don’t know where you are / where the cat is, unless you tell us.

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