Rehome a Bengal

If you are on this page – we have no doubt you are looking for someone – anyone – to take your cat.

Sadly, like most Rescues in America – we are full.

Adoptions are down – surrenders are up. None of us can keep up with demand.

We operate on the LEFT COAST in America – if you are anywhere else in the world – we don’t have resources to serve beyond the 12 Western states (WA State through TX).


Here are some tips for finding a safe and loving home for your cat:
  • Go to and post your cat’s Biography and photo. Always be sure to ask for an adoption fee (at least $200). You can find some great Biography examples on our website: Adopted
  • Share the post on your own Facebook page / Instagram and ask your friends / family to share.
  • Search for Pet Rescue groups on Facebook in your geographical location and post your cat on their rescue page.
  • Post your cat on Nextdoor, the online forum for neighbors.
  • Write up a flyer and distribute it at Vet offices near you.
  • Call your local rescue organizations and see if they could take your cat. Google “Cat Rescue near me.”

The Pandemic Pet Implosion is absolutely overwhelming, on every level. We hope you can find a solution for your cat while we work to find homes for the cats in our program who we’ve already committed to.

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