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Two Bengal cats cuddling in their sleep

Adopt a Bengal Cat

If you are looking to Adopt a Bengal cat, this is the page you’ll want to check often. Our cats usually receive at least five, if not twenty Adoption applications when we post them. Please be patient while we work to review each application. Our goal is always to keep the cat’s preferences in mind, when we match them with the perfect family.

We hope you’ll check this page frequently; Bengal cat adoptions happen quickly – and we’re glad about that.

Once you find the cat you would like to adopt, please fill out our Adoption Application and we’ll be in touch.

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If you don’t find the cat you’re looking for on this page, there are several other online communities where you can search.

Bengal Rescue Facebook page

Bengal Rescue Network Facebook page

Bengal Cat Rescue Cross Posting Facebook page

Great Lakes Bengal Rescue Facebook page



Enzo and Niko

Diamond Bar, CA
Age: 4

Diamond Bar, CA

Bonded pair! Meet Enzo, a four-year-old Bengal, and his best friend Niko, a four-year-old Egyptian Mau.

This delightful pair are neutered, have all of their claws, and love to be together. Their birthdays are just a few days apart – May 11 and May 13th.

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Napa, CA
Age: 4

Napa, CA

Notes from the owner: Pluto is a four-year-old neutered Bengal Cat. We are looking to place him in a home with Bengal experience, who will have time to work with him and where he can be active.

He has a slight heart condition, it hasn’t caused any problems and is typical with this breed but it’s something to monitor as he gets older.

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San Diego
Age: 8

San Diego, CA

Leo is a gorgeous 8 year old Bengal who is very outgoing and loves people! He enjoys batting around toys that roll, and really enjoys being petted behind his ears. When he’s not at work playing, he loves to snuggle inside of his perch and in other hideaway spots, to re-charge his batteries.

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Salt Lake City, Utah
Age: 8 years old

Nala is a darling “heavily tarnished sliver” Bengal, who was rescued from the Humane Society of Utah. She has the friendliest personality! She loves to be brushed, and loves to spend time with people. Nala is currently in foster where there are no dogs or children. She has not yet been introduced to other cats because she’s still in her two week “quarantine” period. She will definitely be tested with other cats to see if she would tolerate living with another cat.

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Miss Davi

Santa Barbara, CA
Age: 2

Ms. Davi is an Early-Generation Bengal cat – F3. She is quite shy, and was living in an overcrowded home, where she did not receive the love and socialization that she yearned for.

Ms. Davi is now in foster, and she has really warmed up to the other cats who reside in the home. We think she would do great in a quiet home, where the humans have plenty of time to devote to her.

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San Diego, CA
Age: 3

Ponto is a sweet young Male who had a really rough time with his prior owner. They could not figure out how to get his allergies under control, and that resulted in significant hair loss.

We ushered him straight into a wonderful Foster home, where he is receiving all of the love and care he needs.

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