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If you are looking to Adopt a Bengal cat, this is the page you’ll want to check often. Our cats usually receive at least five, if not twenty Adoption applications when we post them. Please be patient while we work to review each application. Our goal is always to keep the cat’s preferences in mind, when we match them with the perfect family.

We hope you’ll check this page frequently; Bengal cat adoptions happen quickly – and we’re glad about that.

Once you find the cat you would like to adopt, please fill out our Adoption Application and we’ll be in touch.

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If you don’t find the cat you’re looking for on this page, there are several other online communities where you can search.

Bengal Rescue Facebook page

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Salt Lake City, UT
Age: 12

Z (also known as Zee Zee) is a brown rosetted male Bengal in need of an exceptional home. The current owners are going through some major life changes now, which is why they are proactively trying to find the best possible forever home for him.

Z was found as a stray, four years ago. The family who currently has him, initially began feeding him – but once the cold winter weather hit – they knew he needed safety, so they brought him in. They brought him to their Veterinarian to scan him for a microchip and did successfully find his owner.

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Castro Valley, CA
Age: 5


Hello! My name is Saffron. I’m approximately 5-years-old.

I was found on the mean streets of Sacramento and taken into a shelter. I languished there for 3 months, before Bengal Rescue came to my, well… rescue. I bounced through a couple of fosters, because I’m a very, very particular girl – but I’m now with a foster family who knows exactly how to get me purring!

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Scottsdale, AZ
Age: 5

(Must be an only cat)

Sebastian is a GORGEOUS five-year-old purebred Bengal cat from an award-winning TICA breeder located on the East Coast. He has DRAMATIC rosettes and the most eye-popping glitter.

When his family moved to Arizona six months ago, they moved into a home with other cats present. Although Sebastian hadn’t been around cats before, this family was very experienced with cat introductions and they were sure in due time, they would eventually be successful.

Sadly, they were not.

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Shere Khan

Stansbury Park, UT
Age: 8

*** Available for Adoption or Foster-to-Adopt ***

Shere Khan is a HANDSOME and affectionate brown-rosetted Bengal who is 8-years-old and weighs nine pounds.

Bengal Rescue received a call from Davis Animal Services shelter, letting us know that he was in need of rescue. Initially, he was found as a stray by the shelter and brought in to be scanned for a microchip, hoping to locate his owners.

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