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Two Bengal cats cuddling in their sleep

Adopt a Bengal Cat

If you are looking to Adopt a Bengal cat, this is the page you’ll want to check often. Our cats usually receive at least five, if not twenty Adoption applications when we post them. Please be patient while we work to review each application. Our goal is always to keep the cat’s preferences in mind, when we match them with the perfect family.

We hope you’ll check this page frequently; Bengal cat adoptions happen quickly – and we’re glad about that.

Once you find the cat you would like to adopt, please fill out our Adoption Application and we’ll be in touch.

Adoption Application

If you don’t find the cat you’re looking for on this page, there are several other online communities where you can search.

Bengal Rescue Facebook page

Bengal Rescue Network Facebook page

Bengal Cat Rescue Cross Posting Facebook page

Great Lakes Bengal Rescue Facebook page

PNW Bengal Rescue Facebook page



Aulani and Nermal

Park City, UT
Age: 3 and 8

Aulani and Nermal are a bonded pair.

Their owner is traveling excessively and knows they would be better off in a loving home that could give them a lot more attention.

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Orem, UT
Age: 12

Atty is a 12 year old female Bengal who was adopted by her family when she was six years old. She is spayed, and has lived in a pretty busy home in terms of other cats as well as a cat-friendly dog that she didn’t have any issues with.

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Chandler, AZ
Age: 5

Meeko is a five-year old brown rosetted Bengal. He turned five in May. If you have Bengal experience, you will be a favored candidate.

Here’s what his family has to say:

Meeko is inquisitive, intelligent, sweet and very charming. He is a lap kitty, gives kisses and stands on his tippy toes when being scratched.

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Vernal, UT
Age: 5

Koda is a 5-year-old male Bengal. He has the typical high-energy personality that you see in most Bengals, but he is also very sweet and lovable (on his terms of course).

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El Cajon, CA
Age: 10

Aelia is out of the shelter and at her loving Foster home. They hope to adopt her if everything works out!

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