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Two Bengal cats cuddling in their sleep

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If you are looking to Adopt a Bengal cat, this is the page you’ll want to check often. Our cats usually receive at least five, if not twenty Adoption applications when we post them. Please be patient while we work to review each application. Our goal is always to keep the cat’s preferences in mind, when we match them with the perfect family.

We hope you’ll check this page frequently; Bengal cat adoptions happen quickly – and we’re glad about that.

Once you find the cat you would like to adopt, please fill out our Adoption Application and we’ll be in touch.

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If you don’t find the cat you’re looking for on this page, there are several other online communities where you can search.

Bengal Rescue Facebook page

Bengal Rescue Network Facebook page

Bengal Cat Rescue Cross Posting Facebook page

Great Lakes Bengal Rescue Facebook page

PNW Bengal Rescue Facebook page



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Blaze and Comet

West Jordan, UT
Age: 4 and 10

Blaze (8-years-old) and Comet (3-years-old) are a bonded pair of male Bengal cats.

Originally rescued in Colorado, they are two of the eight cats that we rescued from a hoarding situation in Colorado. Like the others, they were underweight, had URI’s and ear mites.

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Henderson, NV
Age: 6

*Experience with shy cats is a MUST for applicants*

*No Children*

Rocky is a 6-year-old brown spotted Bengal Cat with teal-colored eyes. 

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San Francisco
Age: 5

*No children under the age of 10*
*No cats
*No dogs*

Dottie (Dotz) was born on 8/21/2017 (the full eclipse of the moon). She is a gorgeous Snow Spotted Bengal female 5-year-old cat living with her owner and an older Bengal cat named Lola (9-year-old) in San Francisco, CA. Dottie is affectionate with her people and wants to be in the same room with her owner. She is living with another older Bengal cat that she is not getting along with at the present time.

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Cypress, TX
Age: 4

Charm is a teeny and GORGEOUS 4-year-old female Bengal who is originally from Canada. In the home where she currently lives, there are no young children, and there is a dog and a cat that Charm is not fond of. For this reason her family believe that they should do the right thing for Charm and allow her to go to a loving home that better suits her wishes.

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Herriman, UT
Age: 6

Titus is a six-year-old Bengal with Bengal Rescue who was taken to Salt Lake County Animal Services (SLCAS) for reasons we definitely don’t understand! (He’s SO SWEET!). We are thankful and grateful that SLCAS called upon us to help this beautiful boy. 

Titus is an absolute charmer. He does very well in a busy family environment (he’s the Unicorn of Bengals, we think!).

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Simon and Jagg

Herriman, UT
Age: 4

Introducing… Simon and Jagg!!

****They LOVE children!**** 

Simon and Jagg are a four-year old bonded pair who were dropped off at a shelter because of (quote is from the owner) “my wife’s mental health issues and we’re moving overseas.” (???)

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