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If you are looking to Adopt a Bengal cat, this is the page you’ll want to check often. Our cats usually receive at least five, if not twenty Adoption applications when we post them. Please be patient while we work to review each application. Our goal is always to keep the cat’s preferences in mind, when we match them with the perfect family.

We hope you’ll check this page frequently; Bengal cat adoptions happen quickly – and we’re glad about that.

Once you find the cat you would like to adopt, please fill out our Adoption Application and we’ll be in touch.

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If you don’t find the cat you’re looking for on this page, there are several other online communities where you can search.

Bengal Rescue Facebook page

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Aztec, New Mexico
Age: 10

Keiko is a sweet and beautiful 10-year-old brown-rosetted female that is looking for her forever home as an ONLY cat.  

Keiko was a rescue that had previously lived in a home where she was neglected.  She still seems to have some PTSD and will run and hide upon the arrival of new people, or when loud noises occur.  Despite being nervous in these situations, surprisingly – she does recover quite quickly from the intrusion and will come back out to inspect!

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Cypress, TX
Age: 4

Kylie is a gorgeous 4-year-old Snow Bengal, who lives in a busy home. Ever since the new marriage and blending of this family that includes four children 9 and younger (one of whom is a newborn), two dogs and a cat, Kylie has had intermittent litter box avoidance issues.

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Las Vegas, NV
Age: 10

Recently Pistol joined our program and went to a loving Foster home. He came into our program because his Bengal buddy had passed away, and he was suffering from separation anxiety. He wasn’t eating the way that he should be, and his family had to move to a small place where their very large dog also resided. His owner reluctantly admitted that he was not thriving in their environment and needed a home where it was less stressful for him. 

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Park City, UT
Age: 19 months

Josie is a darling 19 month old Bengal cat (just 7.5 lbs), who we originally rescued from West Jordan Animal Control. Josie went immediately to Foster and shortly after, her Foster decided to adopt her. 

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Aliso Viejo, CA
Age: 11

Sable is a very active, very chatty 11-year-old Bengal Cat. She was adopted three years ago from a family whose living arrangements changed and could no longer care for her. 

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Ennis, MT
Age: 4

Pearl is a beautiful four-year-old Bengal cat who was surrendered to a local Veterinarian by her elderly owner who could not get her Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) under control. 

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Pebbles and BamBam

Boise, ID
Age: 7

These beautiful ladies are a 7-year-old Bonded pair, who were born in the same litter in 2014. Unfortunately, their original owner declawed them, developed allergies to them, and then placed them in a new home. 

The new family was delighted to have Pebbles and BamBam, and brought them home when they were four years old. They were not familiar with the Bengal breed but they knew these girls needed a loving home and they were happy to love them, and give them a fresh start.

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Montrose, CO
Age: 4

Finnegan is a NAUGHTY (we love him for that) and MANIPULATIVE (that makes us laugh), handsome, gorgeous and amazing purebred 4-year-old Bengal. 

As you read his Bio here, please do so with the theme song “Bad Boys” from the COPS TV show, playing in the background.

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