Training Your Cat

Training your cat is another great way to keep your cat engaged, entertained, and to enrich your bond together.

If you have looked through our website, you will see that the Bengal breed is an energetic one. Whenever you read stories about a Bengal being naughty, most of the time it’s because he is bored! Most people have jobs or other things that can create a hectic schedule. If you identify with that lifestyle (or even if you don’t!) it’s important to establish regular play sessions with your cat. Training your cat is the easiest way to burn off energy and build a stronger bond.

Training your cat is easy! Here are some of the ways:

Clicker-Training Your Cat

Bengals are excellent at clicker-training! You can teach your cat how to “high five” or “double five” – as long as you have a clicker and some yummy treats. We like this clicker and training book by Karen Prior.

Harness Training

Most Bengals would love to go for a walk with you, again, another energy-burning activity that you can enjoy together. Training your cat to wear a harness isn’t that difficult; you just need to be consistent. Here is a great article about how to Harness Train and Leash Train Your Cat.

We highly recommend the SafetyKats Harness. It is escape-proof (if correctly secured), lightweight, and comfortable.

Fetch Training

Some Bengals are known to be natural “fetch players.”  We recommend TuffKitty Puff Ball toys. We know of some Bengals who will play fetch with a ball for an hour! Make sure you have the right tools on hand, with these soft and sparkly puff balls.

Other Toys

Be sure to check out our Recommended Products page for a list of other great toys and enrichment tools!

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